Dec 21, 2007


Today was a study in contrasts. We were on the road early. After listening all night to the blaring PA at Flying J we were ready to leave. It was dark but the roads were dry. The sun rise chased us west and caught up with us west of Laramie. It was beautiful. The hills covered with snow glowed purple and gold. As the light filled in we saw a huge herd of Antelope. Could it get any better than this? Apparently not. We soon ran into a snow storm with high winds. It was near white out for several hours. The roads weren't covered, but visibility was non existent. We decided to push on taking our time and leaving plenty of room between us and the trucks. Around Green River the snow stopped but now the roads were slick. This continued into Utah. Coming down into Ogden the mountains were beautiful. Blue sky, snow covered red rock and dry pavement. This is the way it's suppose to be. We pushed on to Twin Falls Idaho where we are spending yet another evening at a Flying J Truck Stop. A little noisy but the price is right. If the weather cooperates we may even make it to Portland tomorrow. On a side note. We are enjoying our Internet access with our Verizon wireless card. So far it has worked flawlessly.

A little tired, a little weary, but safe and sound,


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