Mar 15, 2007

Get your kicks on ROOT 66

It's been almost a week since we updated the blog. I know the millions of our faithful readers must be wondering what we have been up to since Bisbee. Did we get overrun by the undocumented workers, did we fall in the Lavender Pit mine, did we go home to Michigan to enjoy the spring thaw. Well stay tuned and we will answer these questions and more.

Tuesday morning we left Naco and headed north. We crossed I-10 and stuck to the 2 lane roads. We were going to stay in Globe but arrived there by 1:00 pm so decided to push on north. After an hour of climbing mountains the terrain changed and we soon dropped into the Salt River canyon. The only way I can describe it is a miniature Grand Canyon. We carefully worked our way down the switchbacks across the river and up the other side. Sorry no pictures. Another hour found us in Show Low Arizona. What a contrast. We were now at 6,000 feet but what a change in scenery. Instead of the mountains and pines we entered the Colorado Plateau. Flat, yes, really flat. 40 miles further north found us in Holbrook. Holbrook is a neat little town in a funky rundown sort of way. Lots of Route 66 stuff. Hopefully the pictures help tell the story.

Wednesday we went exploring and just relaxed. We had something special planned for Thursday, but I won't give away the surprise just yet. Even though we are at a high altitude, it is sunny and mid 70's during the day but gets down to a chilly 35 at night. I'm sure all you people in Michigan feel sorry for us.

We are staying at a neat little campground near Holbrook, Arizona called Root 66 RV Park, (yes I know about the spelling but check the picture), run by a Native American family. Complete with chickens and petrified wood sales. It is right on the original Route 66 road and there are the remains of an old motel on the campground. More later. Hope your day was a good one.

Judy and John

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