Feb 11, 2007

Oysters, Wood Blocks and a Measuring Cup

Sunday, February 11th

We had three items on our agenda today: buy a measuring cup, find wood blocks to level the motor home with, and go up to Winchester Bay.
But first we had to eat breakfast. Today was oatmeal day. Not the instant kind, but the regular, good for you hearty kind, cooked on top of the stove with some dried cherries in it. We've come to really like oatmeal day. With breakfast eaten, it was off to Walmart. We needed a new liquid measuring cup as our other one had fallen on the floor and broken a couple of weeks ago. The measuring cup was easy to find but no luck finding wood blocks. No luck at the Ace hardware or Lumbermans store either.

So we headed up the coast to explore Winchester Bay and see the Umpqua River lighthouse....
Our friends Bob and Linda of http://www.because-we-can.net/ worked at the lighthouse last fall. Bob lead tours of the lighthouse and Linda worked in the museum and we were anxious to see where they had volunteered.
(Actually we wanted to see whether there actually was a lighthouse or if they had fabricated the whole story) : )
Well, as you can see in the pictures there really is a lighthouse. What a beauty it is, perched on a hill overlooking the bay. There aren't any tours this time of year so we just walked around a bit and took some pictures.

It was soon lunch time and we found our way over to the little town of Winchester Bay and Salmon Harbor. If you remember one of my previous posts, I said if I ever come up missing, look for me in Napa Valley. Well, if you don't find me there you might try Winchester Bay. I'm a sucker for marinas and fishing boats and this one's a beauty., We found a great little restaurant “Griff's on the Bay” for lunch. (On a side note when we got back to the RV this afternoon we were reading our emails and Judy had received one from Linda. She said they had only gone to one restaurant when they were here last fall and guess which one it was.... )

I love fresh seafood and it was time to take a break from the South Beach regimen the 'warden' has me on. There is nothing like a plate of fresh fish and local oysters ever so lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown and served with fries. The oysters were fixed just right, they just melted in your mouth. Judy had the halibut nuggets but skipped the oysters, too bad. Our lunch was worth every single calorie, fat , and carbohydrate gram!!

We drove on to Reedsport and then retraced our route back to Coos Bay. On our way back we detoured up the north side of the river to watch a ship docking. Yes Jonathan, it's a lot like watching planes land only slower. While were watching the ship we also saw something that one doesn't get to see very often, a magnificent, complete rainbow over the bay. Not a bad way to end the afternoon.

Oh, we finally did find some wood blocks. Turns out the office had a huge pile of them. So a few minutes later boards under leveling jacks, jacks come down and we have a level home. As you can tell it doesn't take much to make our day.


Melissa said...

You are seeing some beautiful rainbows. I think this is the 2nd or 3rd I've seen in your posting. Glad I wasn't there to watch the ship docking. You two are a rare breed when it comes to those sort of things.

Julie said...

Speaking of oatmeal...did I mention my personal connection to Bob's Scottish variety? Turns out I'm good friends with his grandson!