Feb 19, 2007

Finding Nemo....... and Mia

So why would anyone come to Portland this time of year?? It's rainy, oh and by the way, did I mention it's gray and it's really rainy. Well the reason we are in Portland is family, 2 daughters, one son in law, one boyfriend of a daughter and 2 grandkids ( Nemo and Mia).

I realize it's been a week since our last update, but we've been busy. Between playing, watching and having sleepovers there hasn't been time for writing. But with it raining today, Big surprise, the warden has order me to post. I should also say that last Saturday it was beautiful, no rain and 60 degrees.

Yesterday we all went to Newport on the coast. There is an incredible aquarium there. Not quite Monterey, but very good. After our learning experience, we went to Mo's for lunch. There claim to fame is clam chowder. It was very good.

Today was fix it day. Judy got her hair fixed and I got to fix some things on the Jeep and to try and find a leak in the motorhome. The jeep got 2 new battery cable clamps and 2 new headlights and the leak turned out to be coming from the washer/dryer. It was a simple repair. Judy is diligently knitting. She is determined to finish Mia's blanket before we leave on Saturday.

We are staying at the Columbia River Rv Park. It is on the final approach to PDX, so yes Jonathan we are enjoying watching the planes. This is a nice park, but we long for more open spaces. It is convenient to family so it all works out. In closing, we realize how blessed we are to have family, and to be able to enjoy time with them. Stay tune for more details on our stay in Portland.

Emma and Ella we'll see you soon.
P.s. If you'd like to see any of the pictures larger, simply double click on them.

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Melissa said...

Those of us in dreary, and might I add, FREEZING COLD Michigan are feeling a bit jealous at missing out on the family reunion. I think Emma wants to see Nemo too. She's been having "imaginary" play dates with him lately. She even told me that she saw Nemo at Burger King recently. I said, No, I'm quite sure you have not and will not ever see Nemo in Burger King. Since when do we eat there? :)